IQ Societies

There are more than 60 High IQ societies listed on the IQ Test site!

These include Mensa, Asnem, Triple Nines, Grail, The Prometheus Society, the Mega Society, the Sigma Society, etc.

Asnem is the only one of the 60 that lists "NONE" under the Other acceptable test category

If you want to get into Asnem, You've got to have what it takes!

Even so, there is a society that's above Asnem....

  "The One in Five society, commonly called...."




Membership is limited to the "one" smartest person in 5 Billion!

And, for all we know, it might be you!


The One in Five society was envisioned by Huck Nembelton

when he heard about Paul Cooijman's Giga Society.

Cooijman defines society as a group with one or more members,

claiming to be the most exclusive High IQ group in the world.

The Gigas are people who have scored in the One in a Billion IQ range (195 IQ)

and presently have 5 members, all of whom just happen to live in the United States and Europe.

Where about 90% of the worlds population does not happen to live!


Huck, as smart as he is, suggested that we start a "One in Five Billion group"

and that the smartest person in 5 Billion would be the only member, and get "The Card".

(This person, of course would be the smartest person in the world)

As long as the worlds population stays under 10 Billion, there can only be one member.

This would mean that the member would be... I don't know what it means.


Anyway, if you are the one, please submit proof, "The Card" will then be sent to you!

("The Card" hermetically sealed in pure Lucite will be valid until around 2065*)

A "The Card" advantage: Whether you leave home with or without it wont make any difference!


*The worlds population, depending on wars, famine, asteroids, acts of God, etc., will exceed 10 Billion by 2065.

and "One in Five" could have 2 members thereby becoming null and void!

At that time, the "One in Ten" group will pick up the torch, and "One in Five" will come to an end!


As always, in the event of a tie, the judges, Huck & Reggie's, decision is final!

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