What's Happening

August 18, 2009

It was very hot today, but as we near September, I thank the gods that we have had such a cool summer already.  I always use the term "Thank the gods" to tease my wife Diane who invariably reminds me that there is only one God!

Speaking of the gods, this morning, I wrote a little blurb about the "Prophet Qxiote" to a fellow writer on WritersCafe.Org

Frank has begun practicing Sufi... "Sufi goes back to the beginning of the world. Abraham was taught them by Melchizedek." he explained to me today after he read my story "The Beginning" and "The Mission" both posted here.

I wrote him back explaining how I wanted Qxiote, one of the characters in my book, to be remembered a thousand years from today like Mohamed, Jesus, Moses and the variety of ancient prophets.

This is what I sent to him...

"Three thousand years ago, the Ancient Teqoias tribe populated the area now called Nuevo Laredo Mexico.
Their society was Uniarchal and women were equal to men in all respects. People who were different were not considered different. No man ever struck a woman. People of many races were members of the group who made no weapons of war and stood peacefully and non-violent as wars were waged against them.

A person reaching our age (Frank is also over 60) would be able to study and take on the Spirit of an Eagle after their families had grown and they prepared for their trip back to their Creator. Like many real prophets, the greatest of the Teqoias prophets, a young woman called Qxiote, never reaches that age. She was tied to a totem and killed at twenty-four during an attack. But her spirit soars to this day above the land where she was born.

A good story teller would make his prophet so real that a thousand years from now they would live forever."

When I got home tonight Frank had responded that he had Googgled the prophetess Qxiote and found a book about her.  It is a sample chapter from my novel "Light of the Morning" where she is one of the main characters.  But she is already becoming real!

August 1, 2009

Well, this week I made it to the fifth important Birthday!

To borrow from Peter Falk's kiss comment in "A Princess Bride"... In the entire world of birthdays, there are five that are the most important. 1,18,21,40, and 65.

My life is beginning to change a bit.  I have started going to the Doctor and waving my Medicare card thanks to President Johnson back around important birthday #3. 

Today I got my first legal senior citizen discount at Dunkin Donuts 25 cents.  And this week I used a reusable 'Green" bags at the grocery store and got a nickel back.

Our dog who will most likely be our last has passed away and we have added a bird to the family, a Cockatiel whom I call Pretty Bird.  Pictures will follow.


About this time, I was introduced to Facebook by a cute Gay friend named Timothy that has caught my Fancy. 

He still likes me, but was worried that some of his friends wouldn't understand the type of stuff I post.  We agreed that he would block me and that we would still say hello in PM's once in a while.