Eclipse Logic

Eclipse Logic has been theorized by Maurice Allais as the idea that gravity here on Earth will decrease during a Total Solar eclipse as just happened in China this July.  The assumption being that the combined gravity of the Moon and Sun offset the gravity of the Earth slightly.  Gravity is less on Mars, so you would weigh less than here on Earth.

Eclipse Logic as defined here on (Where you are right now) is that many things that seem logical, might be the exact opposite of how they appear to be.  During a total eclipse for example, the gravity of the Sun which usually pulls the Earth towards itself may in fact be blocked by and pulling only on the Moon causing a change in the balance of the Sun's and Earth's gravity resulting in a slight increase in the gravity we feel and you might in fact weigh more during a total eclipse, not less as predicted.

Of course, logic was also used to prove that the Earth was flat, but that logic got eclipsed as well!

We await the results from China in the coming weeks!