Twin Sisters

For all the days that you’ve been gone,
you’ve headed towards the night.
Your sister took a different path,
but which of you was right?

Nigh 30 years, you’ve driven on
in search of who knows what.
There’s no sun left in your dark sky,

is your search all for naught?

For music you would pick the Rock,
your sister, Blues or Gospel.
You strive to reach the limits first,
your twin, she also fares well.

Just younger than your sister was,
you always were much faster.
You're driven towards a closer light,
is fame what you are after?

She’s pointed at the brightest spot,
it’s not as close ‘tis true.
Yet one day too she’ll reach her goal,
a different path than you.

And soon, you’ll reach that very place
that none has yet pushed past.
And later on, in her sweet time
the race she’ll finish last.

For she was first but you were quick,
we called you number one.
As both of you went sailing towards
the reaches of our sun.



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In 1977 NASA launched two Spacecraft to explore our galaxy.
Due to a delay, Voyager II was launched a month before its twin,
Voyager I, but Voyager I is much farther away, traveling much faster.
Voyager II is heading for the brightest star in our sky, Sirius.
Voyager I is traveling towards a relatively close star.

Voyager II flew by several of the planets to send back
thousands of pictures before heading into outer space.
Her twin is traveling much faster having taken a path
perpendicular to the plane of the planets.

As our solar system moves through the vastness of space
it pushes through the interstellar dust, forming a wake,
not unlike that of a boat pushing through the water,
the limit of that ‘wake’ is called the Heliopause.
On the other side of the Heliopause is galactic outer space,
on our side, the influence of our sun is still evident.

Each Voyager carries with it a golden phonograph record
containing pictures and other things like the music of
Chuck Berry, Louis Armstrong and Gospel great
Blind Willie Johnson Singing ‘Dark Was the Night’
After 30 years, Voyager I has now reached the Heliopause
and she will be the first to pass through into galactic space.

Sirius, although brightest, is almost 300,000 years away,
But Voyager I will reach her star in just 40,000 years!