Neda Soltan, One Voice

August 1, 2009

Every day I remember Neda Soltan and what she died for, she lives on...


June 25, 2009


For Neda

Sometimes we all just wonder
where all the sanity has gone.

While bearded old men hold on
tightly on to their long distant past.

And young men and woman look,
toward their bright new future.

While one girl lies in a pool of hate,
with young men all around her.

Yes, there is Sanity…

In the three young men who cared…

and the millions who will join them.

As all around the world, we will see
the story of Neda Agha Soltan told.

And an empire will fall to its knees
because of what this peaceful woman saw....

This beautiful young woman died,
watching a bright future before her eyes.