November 7, 2009...

I am off to lunch with Nathaniel and his parents today

at the Thali Indian restaurant in New Haven CT.

We haven't yet had a chance to discuss the recent Yankee victory as his dad is a Red Sox fan.

However, Nate will certainly be a Yankee fan when he is old enough to think for himself!


August 18, 2009...

Nathaniel and I went outside to cool down and look at the flowers.

There were some purple ones and yellow ones

so we just talked about all the pretty colors

Then we went back inside!


Early August, 2009...

I was talking to Nate. my new grandson, the other day.

We have decided that he will be an Astronaut

and he will be one of the first to

visit the Planet Mars.

I haven't yet told his mother

of our decision and

I don't think he will tell her either.

His dad would be all for it, but would

be happy if he played for the Red Sox too!