The Sun Stone....






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The morning after Theresa stepped into Qxiote's world...

The Hole in the Ground



            The following morning, Theresa was awakened by the smell of bacon sizzling in a pan on the Coleman stove.  She could hear birds chirping along with the crackling sound of the bacon as she turned and stretched, waking up.  Peter was still fast asleep in his sleeping bag a few feet away, oblivious to the activities already going on.



            “Good morning, Terri.” Helen said, as she turned the bacon holding the handle of the cast iron pan protecting her hand with her apron, “What do you think you’ll want to do today?” 

           “I don’t know, I think I’ll go look for some more rocks.” Terri replied, as she yawned and unzipped her sleeping bag. “Mom, did you ever see an Eagle?” Terri questioned, stretching as she climbed out of the bag. 

           “Sure I have.” Helen answered, and then suggested…. “I think there’s a place called Eagle Rock down by the river.  Why don’t you go there today?” 

           “Actually, Mom, Peter and I were there yesterday, but we didn’t see any Eagles.” Terri was now happily able to confess.  “But, I’ll go back today and look again.” 

           “Ok honey but I think Peter and your dad want to go fishing.” 

           “Mom, you know I don’t like hurting animals.” Terri scolded her mother.



            After breakfast, Theresa walked down the path to Eagle Rock alone.  The hole she had stepped in was still on her mind, and she was determined to see what it was all about.  She took her time, however, enjoying the time alone as she walked.  “Hi there Birds.” she said as several flew, in unison, from a tree as she approached.  Theresa was amazed at how the birds all turn at the same time, first to the left, and then to the right. Flying up and down but never bumping into each other.



            Reaching the meadow again at end of the path, Theresa forgot about the hole in the ground for a while and playfully chased a butterfly as it darted from one flower to the next.  Tiring from her chase, she laid on her back in the grass with her eyes closed and her arms stretched out, feeling the warm sun on her face and hands.  She remembered that fish did the same thing as birds, moving as if they were all the same fish and never bumping into each other.  Opening her eyes, she now studied the clouds moving across the sky, finding one that looked like a fish, another like a bird and even a butterfly.  “Someday, I’m going to fly, just like daddy and the birds.” Theresa said out loud.  Then, remembering the reason she had come back; the hole, she got up and headed towards the place where it was.



            “I know this is where it was.” Theresa thought to herself as she got up and started again to look for the place where she had fallen in yesterday.  “Perhaps it’s the same rabbit hole that Alice in Wonderland fell into.  There may be all sorts of funny characters in there. I’ll bet there’s an elephant in a waistcoat, and eagles at a birthday party,”  Theresa thought as she searched and searched for the hole.



            The search took a lot longer than Theresa had expected in the morning.  She walked and walked thinking that she must be close to the place where she had fallen into the hole yesterday.   A brown rabbit scurried across the meadow right in front of her, so close, that for a second, she tried to catch it. Then she spent more time watching birds and thinking about Alice in Wonderland and, of course, Disneyland.  In a few minutes she was walking back and forth across the meadow looking for the hole.  “It was probably just a regular rabbit hole.”  Theresa said to herself out loud as she began to get hungry and decided to head back to camp for a lunch break.  It was only a mile back to the trailer and Terri forgot all about the hole as she walked along the now familiar tree lined path, thinking now only about lunch.

Theresa persists and finds the hole again to no avail...  

It’s got to be here



            “How did he know there would be an eagle here today?” Terri said to herself as she once again got to the now familiar meadow and saw that there was an eagle circling high above Eagle Rock.  Remembering that yesterday, she had walked up to look at Eagle Rock before falling into the hole, Theresa tried to retrace her steps.  She stopped when she was right at the place where she remembered seeing the hole yesterday.



Terri watched the eagle as it glided in the warm July air, around and around the rock  Then, after looking right at her, the eagle held its wings out to slow its flight, and landed right on the branch that the kids had seen yesterday.  Theresa was certain that the large bird was staring directly at her. She stared back at the eagle herself for a moment speaking to it with out uttering any words as she usually did while talking to animals.  “There it is.” Terri said out loud to herself as she finally turned her eyes away from the eagle and immediately saw the hole.  “I knew I’d find it.”



            Terri walked up to the hole carefully.  She knew that there were probably not any monsters in it.  She also knew that there was no such thing as the “Bed” monster at home either, but that never stop her from jumping quickly from a distance into bed to avoid his dreaded grasp.  Kneeling down to get closer, she came nearer and nearer to the hole.  As she looked in all she could see was black.  The hole was just big enough to fit her small leg, and she in fact was surprised that she could have fit in it.  Mustering up all of her courage and without waiting, Theresa put her hand right into the hole and moved it around.  “Whew…” she sighed as no monster was there to grasp her.  She did notice however that the air was decidedly cooler in the hole than it was outside and she quickly removed her hand checking it to make sure that it was ok.



            Now she was getting interested.  Terri looked and looked but there was no light whatsoever inside.  Remembering the flashlight, she got it from the basket.  She slid the switch to turn it on and pointed it at the hole.  That didn’t help at all, and she knew that she would need to reach in with the light if she was going to see anything.  She also knew that if there was a monster, he would be attracted by the light.  Fighting back the fear again, Terri reached in with the light gripped carefully in her hand and moved it around slowly.  All she could see however was the beam of light piercing the darkness.



            “So much for that.” she thought as she put the flashlight back in the basket.  She picked up the basket and started to go to the place where she had seen the cactus and she noticed the eagle was still watching her from its perch on the side of the rock.” Do you know what’s inside that hole?” Theresa spoke out loud to the eagle.  Just then the eagle took off from the branch and flew off towards the sun now getting low on the horizon….


Theresa goes back that night and finds the Sun Stone




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Light of the Morning

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