Light of the Morning is a story of four young black women.  Two from Africa and two from North America.

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          Teritti, is an impertinent 12 year old growing up in ancient Egypt just before the time that King Tut was born.

          Qxiote, is born on the Rio Grande in Southwestern North America and becomes the leader of her peaceful native American tribe..

          Theresa, is 10 year old African American girl growing up in racially troubled Texas in 1955 and discovers Qxiote's existence.

          Elina, is a Sudanese girl, actually born into slavery in modern times, she ends up in America as one of Theresa's students.

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Copyright 2003 by D. McDaniel Hayden

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The names Qxiote, Huxel, Manna, Teritti, Manatoya, Teqoias, and others used in this book are fictitious and created by the author.  The names of Aten, Akhenaton, Nefertiti and Amarna are actual people, places and things from ancient Egypt.