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Someone's Future may be in the Past of another that you hold in your hand!


Very early in the morning, prince Amet and his attendants went to the river as they did almost every day.

The water was still, with a close delicate mist.  The birds were preparing to trumpet the majestic entrance of the Sun.

The tall reeds along the river waved gently in the light wind as the first light of Amun dawned.

The prince happened to notice a clear stone lying on the sand and he dropped to one knee to pick it up.

As the birds began their chorus, Amet held the stone up to see it better.


As the Sun found the stone, a sempiternal light glowed dimly from within.

The prince shut his eyes, closed his hand tightly around the stone and thought of his mother....



" the Light of the Morning." II Sam 23:4

Music...."First Light" from Along the Shore of ACADIA by Tim Janis   Words from Light of the Morning  "Inspiration"