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“Do we dare to open it?” Rahima whispered.

“I think it is safe.” Haytham responded quietly.  “We have waited long enough and it is time to act.”   The moonlit night was warm and quiet as the two young people stood outside the small building discussing their next step.  Rahima and Haytham who were both twenty five, were students at the university of Khartoum in Sudan. Rahima was planning to become a nurse, and Haytham was a law student.

Rahima touched his shoulder….”May Allah guide your steps.” She whispered. 

“Thank you.” Haytham answered as he carefully dripped oil onto the hinges of the door so it would not make a sound.  Carefully lifting the latch Haytham gently moved the door a bit and it was silent as he had hoped.


           Part of Light Of The Morning takes place in modern times in the Sudan and in America.

As he quietly entered the one roomed building, the moonlight passing through the opened window glistened on the beads of sweat forming on Haytham’s brow.  The light also clearly showed him the sleeping figures in the five beds.  Four were clearly adults, and one appeared to be a small child.  Haytham approached the child holding a chloroform soaked towel that Rahima had prepared for him.  He placed the towel over the child’s mouth and nose as he quietly used his own body to keep her from moving.  In a few moments, the child stopped struggling, and the towel was removed.  Haytham picked up the now limp body and quickly left the building.



Leaving the building, they quickly ran over the hill to a waiting Land Rover on the road at the bottom on the other side.  Rahima got in to the passenger side and Haytham handed the girl to her and ran around to the driver’s side climbing in.  Starting the engine and speeding quickly away he was now able to express his concern for the girl’s safety.  “Is it a girl?” Haytham asked “Yes!” Rahima spoke, “Is she alright?” he asked.  “I think so,” Rahima answered holding the child close to her breast. “I think so.”  “Allah be praised!” Haytham spoke strongly.



It was a sixty kilometer drive to Rufaah traveling south, parallel to the Blue Nile. You could easily imagine what it might have looked like thousands of years ago when the Nubian army battled the invading Egyptian empire.  People were captured as the spoils of war and forced to serve as slaves to their captors.  Slaves would build the monuments and cities, the fortresses and waterways.  But that was three thousand years ago, and this was the twentieth century and that did not happen anymore.  At least not in most parts of the world of today. But here it was still as it had been for centuries and the little girl that Rahima held in her arms was no different than any young slave girl just like her three thousand years ago.



Except for one important difference, that is.  Rahima and Haytham were not capturing the girl.  They were rescuing her from her captors who had captured her along with her mother several weeks ago during a raid at her village.  The students were part of a new “Underground Railroad” group that was forming in the Sudan.  “SAS”…. Sudanese against Slavery.  Unlike many of the western groups that raised money to purchase the freedom of the enslaved, “SAS” focused on recapturing the slaves.  “SAS” methods result is a monetary cost to the slave traders rather than a financial incentive that would simply be used to capture more slaves.


  Elina is rescued when four years old from Sudanese slave traders by two Muslim students.  The students are part of the SAS, Sudanese Against Slavery, a modern day underground railroad.

“There are so many Haytham.” Rahima spoke as she stroked the face of the small child with her hand. 

“Yes, but now there is one less than there was this morning.” Haytham assured.  “And someday there will be none.  But that day is a long way off I suspect.”





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